Sunday, 9 May 2010

Poster Concept #02

Unless i can think of any more changes, or if anyone suggests any. I believe this is the final concept for my poster, i was not sure whether to go with the orange background of my formation concept, but then it seemed to replicate that too much. Also there might be a different concept image on the front, possibly a fruiting body.

As you can see i have not differed too much from my original concept, there have been many changes to the poster but whilst working i saved over them. I have attempted to keep it as simple as possible and replicate the 1950's movie posters as closely as possible.


Reference Images:


  1. I think the orange background would add punch (but then so would a black one...), but essentially you've 'got it going on!' :-)

  2. Cool, ill upload some different colour schemes then take your pick :)