Monday, 24 May 2010

Project update

Thought it was worth an update post on how my project is going so far, and suffice to say, its not good :( it has been a very counter productive weekend and am now far behind on the project than planned. Ill start with the good news, non-project wise since Saturday i am a another year further into my life and i went and saw Jimmy Carr today which was awesome, project wise i have finally got my head around what needs modelling and animating, i have textured and created the lighting for my opening scene, apart from the backdrop its ready to render and have successfully animated some cool 3D text which with some nice lighting will be ready to render.

This opening scene will have a painted backdrop which is very basic, it will be slight gradient with some silhouette trees fading into the distance. As you can see in the playblast, i have sorted out the textures on my trees which originally had hideous uv layouts (which was more time consuming than expected)

I created this basic 3D text animation which will take place as the title piece for 'SLIIIIIME MOOOOOULD'. Simple to create; i created some text which then was converted to polygons with deleted history and combined to create one object, which was then animated using just two blendshapes, one consisting of a slightly extruded text, with the other being extruded to the necessary length. It will be rendered out in 3D so those on the front row watch out :)

Some stills of the opening sequence, there are still some minor changes to be made, for example the bump mapping and some extra detail including grass patches mushrooms etc... at the moment the scene is 640x480 to replicate that of the old fashioned trailers, i want to keep this ratio but up the pixel size allowing a higher resolution animation. Also i do need to apply a nice ambient occlusion to create the more refined shading within the scene.

Now the bad news, as mentioned before it has not been a very productive weekend, my many attempts to animate some slime (the main part of the animation!!!) have all failed, not in a terrible way, just a way which does not replicate slime, I'm struggling to create some nice compositions which bring across a sense of vulnerability as the enormous slime mold attacks, and fear that i will not be able to make the deadline :(

Here are two attempts at animating some slime mold, both of which using blendshapes.

I feel as though with some guidance from Alan this animation has great potential, but it is just the slime mold movement which is holding me back. Possibly some non-linear deformers would help.


  1. Rich - Alan is at Uni all week - as is Simon Holland - I suggest you get in there with a very clear shopping list of 'wants & needs' and be prepared for some long shifts... I'm certain you can make this happen in time for friday...

  2. oh - and you want to stop your 3d text just before it gets cropped by edge of screen - keep it in frame...