Thursday, 20 May 2010

Scene Layout

Here's am update on my scene so far. As the majority of the animation will be low to the ground i have been applying more detail to the lower part of the scene. So far i have modelled 4 different trees to avoid repetition, the log in which the slime mold lives and just applied a ground plane.

This is a rough pre vis of my opening scene, which will be the establishing shot of the animation slowly panning in onto the log. I still need to lay the uv's out on the models and of course texture them. In the shot there will also be some extra detail including mushroom, grass, a matte painted background plane etc...

Phil, i have decided to shoot the animation in a 640 x 480 frame size. I feel as though this replicates the 1950's trailer more, is this okay or does it need to be widescreen?

1 comment:

  1. No - your decision is totally acceptable - nice attention to detail.