Monday, 10 May 2010

Script draft #01

This is the first draft script for this project. The bold italic text will be written on screen and the rest will be spoken using a voice over. I have tried to replicate a script used in 1950's trailer which will hopefully be noticed. As mentioned before the voice will replicate that of a 1950's stereotypical American.

Draft Script #01:

It grows!

It pulses!

It creeps!

And it crawls!

Some where out there lurks a creature

It could be in the forest, in the woods, it could even be in your garden.

What is this creature you say?

Well science can tell you

The life cycle of...

The Slime Mold (Big Title Entrance)

Look out...

As one of the most horrifying single cell organism ever conceived reproduces on decaying vegetation near you.

Watch as amoeboid cells aggregate

Amoeboid cells aggregate

Forming into migrating colonies named pseudoplasmodium

Migrating colonies


See how they aggregate by following a chemical path produced by dead amoebas.

Watch how these migrating colonies form into a shape resembling a slug

Slug like creature

Observe this slug like creature crawling and ingesting bacteria in its path

Feeds on bacteria

Once settled this slug like creature then forms into a fruiting body

Fruiting body

It Sacrifices its own cells to create life producing spores


Spores which feed on bacteria starting the life cycle over again.

It grows within days and could be anywhere

There's no stopping the slime mold as it dominates its environment.

So be aware!

Created by Richard Vosper-Carey

A student studying CG Arts & Animation at UCA Rochester

This is due for some changes, as time goes by i can only assume some more information on the life cycle will be added. Plus a quick question for Phil, from an expert in this era of films ;) are there any other obviously old fashioned lines which come to mind which might be useful. Instead of the 'Watch how' 'Observe how' etc...


  1. Wahey, I'm not the only one up at this stupid time.

    I can just imagine this spoken in a blockbuster voice, who are you going to get voice it?

  2. Be amazed as...

    You won't believe your eyes as...

    Thrill as...

    Recoil in horror as...

  3. I like all of this except this bit...

    'As one of the most horrifying single cell organism ever conceived reproduces on decaying vegetation near you...'

    Instead of horrifying and 'ever conceived' - consider instead 'as a bizarre single cell organism reproduces on decaying vegetation near you...'

    the 'ever conceived' sounds too much like a 'fact' - even though this is clearly a homage...

    Also, visit Heather's blog at

    and ask her about the guy she got to do the voice recording for Bert - apparently he did for free and really think that a professionally recorded voice-over is worth pursuing...