Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Script draft #02

I have made some minor adjustments to the script for the voice over who supplies the animation with character and information. I have added in some more snazzy starting phrases to really give the animation a sense of age and time relation and changed around some of the text so the life cycle makes more sense.

Slime mold daft script #02:

It grows!

It pulses!

It creeps!

And it crawls!

Some where out there lurks a creature

It could be in the forest, in the woods, it could even be in you garden.

What is this creature you say?

Well science can tell you

The life cycle of...

The Slime Mold (Big Title Entrance)

Look out...

As a bizarre single cell organism reproduces on decaying vegetation near you

Be amazed as amoeboid cells aggregate

Amoeboid cells


Thrill as they form into migrating colonies named pseudoplasmodium

Migrating colonies


You wont believe your eyes as they aggregate by following chemical paths produced by dead amoebas.

Recoil in horror as these migrating colonies form into a shape resembling a slug

Slug like creature

Observe this slug like creature crawling and ingesting bacteria in its path

Feeds on bacteria

Astonish as it settles to form into a sporangia


By doing so sacrificing its own cells to create life producing spores


Spores which devour bacteria and in turn restart the life cycle

It grows within days and could be anywhere

There's no stopping the slime mold as it dominates its environment

So be aware!

Created by Richard Vosper-Carey

A student studying CG Arts & Animation at UCA Rochester

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