Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Script draft #03

This draft of the script will hopefully be the final one, it is a much more shortened down and straight to the point edit and is ready to be sent to the voice actor. Hopefully i will be able to get this script back and finished quickly with a high level of quality.

Slime mold draft script #03:

It grows!

It pulses!

It creeps!

And it crawls!

Somewhere out there lurks a creature…

It could be in the forest, in the woods - it could even be in your garden!

What is this creature you cry?

Well science can tell you

The life cycle of...

Slime Mold!

Look out...

As a bizarre single cell organism reproduces on decaying vegetation near you.

Be amazed as amoeboid cells aggregate!

Thrill as they form into migrating colonies named pseudoplasmodium!

You won’t believe your eyes as they swarm along chemical paths left by dead amoebas!

Recoil in horror as the migrating colonies form into a slug!

Observe this creature crawling and ingesting bacteria!

Be astonished as it forms into a sporangia!

Witness its own cells sacrificed in bizarre unworldly birth!

Be afraid as spores are released to spread strange new life!

Be warned: nothing can stop the slime mold as it dominates our world!

The Life-cycle of slime mold – a UCA motion picture produced and directed by Richard Vosper-Carey.

Coming Soon!


  1. tis cool man, cant wait 4 yours

  2. Hi Rich,

    Leanne posted the voiceover website on the group blog!


    Now go and butter them up! :-)

  3. Cheers, got the email from her, and have found a good possiblily, i hope all goes well though :)

  4. Be charming - but also, be prepared to pay something - I know you're broke and poor student, but the bald truth is that your voice-over is an absolutely key part of your concept - you need it - and you need it to be done properly... Let me know what you're quoted - but remember, play the student card...