Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Sliiiiiime Moooold Update

A few images on the entrance shot for the slime mold. Initially i planned one having the slime mold jump out at the camera, but i felt as though this was taking away from the essence of the slime mold and moving further into the blob territory. I also really liked the look of the concept image i created for the formation of the slime mold and decided to re-create that image as closely as possible.

This shape started life as a sphere, i then flattened out the bottom and extruded some faces to create the formation lines, then some lattice and sculpt deformers to create the final shape.


  1. How you doing, Rich? Give me some good news...

  2. Hey Phil, going well, not as smooth and as fast as I would have liked but its looking good so far. There are problems that could have been solved in a more aesthetically pleasing way but for the lack of time left I will have to leave them. I know everything I have to do now so that's good, its just a matter of doing them.

    Hopefully I will be rendering tomorrow.

  3. Remember - you're making a low budget b-movie - so a bit of wobble and awkwardness is a plus! Also, using After Effects, I'm sure you could do a bit of 'distressing' etc. to turn your problem areas into motifs of authenticity - just play to the format and when you present - for god's sake - don't say 'if I'd had more time' - just let it play out and let your audience be the judge.

  4. Dont worry, i wouldnt say that, its project suicide :)going well now though, a few more late nights and i think im there.