Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Slime Mold Animatic Draft #01

Draft #01 of my animatic, in my opinion was not really an animatic but rather a slide show of images and some music. Saying this i do believe the music really showed the potential and overall feel of the animation, and the slides also give a slight knowledge of what happens and when. There are bags of negative critiques i have gave myself about this daft, but rather than moan about them im just going to fix them, which will be shown in draft #02.


  1. I really like the music chosen,as it emphasizes the whole animation into the retro style. Just to echo Phil, use it to actually shot structure the animation.

    Also the previous comment was made by me, but with a wrong acount, oops. I guess I have to go to sleep lol.

  2. lol okay, yeah i will, i wasnt clear in this animatic but all will become clear.