Saturday, 1 May 2010

Target Audience

For this project my chosen target audience will be junior school children as well as early high school children, particularly aimed at boys. Initially i set out to create a very professional and very scientific based virtual anatomy animation. I would have aimed this animation towards A level and undergraduate students, judging on the basis that they would be studying a scientific course, there for needing information to be delivered to a high level of expectation.

However due to a change of direction project wise and genre wise, my project has gone in favour of the junior/high school pupils. After further thought into the life cycle of the slime mold i discovered some similarities between, the overall look of the slime mold and the 1950's horror film 'The Blob'. Making these connections gave me the idea of creating an animation to replicate that of the retro B-style horror genre which also acts as a homage the 'The Blob' (1958).

Now with this style or 'theme' if you will in mind, i then decided that creating an animation to replicate a classic SciFi/horror movie would be a suitable and interesting way to teach the life cycle of the slime mold to a group of young pupils. This would keep the lesson entertaining and would inform the pupils of all the information needed without it taking place as a basic text book diagram. I feel as though this would communicate further than any diagram in bringing across information as it could relate to past times in which they enjoy, such as science fiction films, games etc. or films in general.

That said, if the animation is executed in the correct fashion, it could also apply to students that of a higher level. They could possibly share the same past times as junior/high school kids and could have a greater understanding of the historical context and homage to 1950's B-movies which would be in place.

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  1. sounds Great Richard, am a big kid so i think am going to love it :D