Tuesday, 4 May 2010

To Character or Not to Character

Initially for the project i set on developing the slime mold into a character, i felt as though out of all of the scenarios this one had the most potential to enhance a character. By doing this it would allow my animation to have a short story based on the life cycle of the slime mold, but also about a character, for example a martian from out of space which would attack civilisation.

To give the slime mold a character it was as simple as locating a head shape on the slime mold slug and giving it an eye. I have experimented with this through some quick concept sketches (which will be scanned in soon) but after some further research into the slime like character, mainly a blob, they all seem to look the same and lack a sense of originality. You can see this in Dreamwork's Monsters vs Aliens featuring the character B.O.B, as you will see my concepts resemble this character a fair amount.

Giving the slime mold a character has its positives and negatives. The positives being, the animation would be interesting and character based, which allows space for a short story and would allow the animation to be very cute and target a specific audience. The negatives being, the animation theme and target audience would change drastically, it would take away from the idea of the animation being a trailer (which will be discussed soon) and the animation would lack originality within a character, unless i spent a considerable amount of time developing it. It would also take the concentration away from the life cycle of the slime mold, which is the reason for the animation.

I have now decided not to give the slime mold a character (i think) and focus more on the life cycle based as a 1950 B-Movie trailer.

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