Wednesday, 26 May 2010


Heres the most basic PreVis shot of all all the scenes involving the slime mold, minus the spore one. There not all finished yet, which will need to to be sorted out within the next few hours. I still need to animate the sporangia opening and releasing spores, texture and light all the scenes (due to a horrible file path error) animte a few cameras within the scenes and finish of the 3D text. This all needs to be done asap due to render time.

There are all in order but and the spore scene will play last.


  1. nice i can truly see where this is going now

  2. Hi Rich

    You need to soften the end of the 'Fruiting Body' growth. The animation hits hard at the moment. Select the associated key frames (blendshape) and flaten the end to slow in.