Thursday, 19 August 2010

Corridor Concept Development #01

Okay, since my last past i feel as though i have been back tracking drastically. My work flow seemed to have yet again come to halt. Tonight i started working on developing a thumbnail sketch which stood out to me the most whilst sketching them. Its still in its early stages but i feel as though this concept will most certainly be taken right to the end. I'm struggling in quite a few parts of this painting, mainly the colour pallet/lighting, but am also struggling in working out how much detail needs to be in the image and what should be placed down the back wall/pillars.

Friday, 13 August 2010

Interior Environment Thumbnails #01

Taking on a more refined concept that relates more to my delegated soundscape, i decided it was time to go back to basics and knock up a few thumbnail sketches. I feel as though a few of these initial sketches have potential to be taken much further into the project. I bordered the 3 sketches which i feel have the most potential, any suggestions would be most appreciated.

I like both the composition and ideas behind these thumbnails, but am also interested in capturing a bridge/walkway high up in the mountains linking two parts of the building together. This would show some interior environment as well as exterior (the harsh snowy mountains) which would help to set the scene within all the paintings.

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

A change of Concept

I'm still in the early stages of this project and my mind is running through hundreds of different ideas at a time, this is normally great, but in this case it just confused the earlier concept that i was working on too much. In the end the main focus point and concept idea was lost within this clash of genres. So i have now decided to start a fresh concept idea and role with it. I must say it has worked out for the better as this has allowed me to express the most dominant idea that has been trapped inside my head.

Sticking with my original concept of the dark religious monastery high up in the snowy mountains, i have now decided to focus on the main hall which has the focus point of a giant statue (possibly the religions god). Below is the rough composition sketch which i will work further more on to create a sketchy fully resolved concept painting. Changes will be made to the general perspective to create a more grand hall view and allot more detail will be added to the environment of the painting, for this painting i imagine the colour palette to be very dull focusing on shades of black and grey for the walls but will have the complimentary colour of red detailing.

Some main influences for this concept include; The Davinci Code, as well as Angels and Demons. Recently watching both films has given me tons of reference material as well as some strong art directions.

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Quick Update

Im thinking of ditching the landing pad, taking the level of Sci-Fi down a notch and focusing more on the religious side, which strongly guides my mind through out the entire listening of the soundscape. Im now thinking of creating some sort of aged cathedral type castle high up in the mountains. Some inspiration dirives from 300, in particular the scene where Leonidas climbs the mountian to talk the the Ephors. Not for its environment as such but more the purpose of the temple and the characters within it.

I have now created a base wall to work with, which has been built out of the mountain, and have started to sketch out some more possible compositions.

Also Phil, am i right in believing we dont have to produce an animation?

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Gathering the Composition

I have now chosen the first base image in which i will attempt to re-design and re-create into a matte painting inspired by my soundscape. For this image i am trying to create a temple high into the snowy, harsh mountains up on which will be inhabited by a dark religion.

Here are a few development shots of the composition, they are extremely rough as i am just trying to gather some different compositions for the painting. I am trying to create a futuristic grand temple which has been built into the mountain base.