Thursday, 19 August 2010

Corridor Concept Development #01

Okay, since my last past i feel as though i have been back tracking drastically. My work flow seemed to have yet again come to halt. Tonight i started working on developing a thumbnail sketch which stood out to me the most whilst sketching them. Its still in its early stages but i feel as though this concept will most certainly be taken right to the end. I'm struggling in quite a few parts of this painting, mainly the colour pallet/lighting, but am also struggling in working out how much detail needs to be in the image and what should be placed down the back wall/pillars.

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  1. Hey rich, in terms of detail I guess it depends on the overall purpose of the piece, whether as a concept piece to spur on more ideas or to create final resolved image. If the former, then you wouldn't want to be too bogged down with a piece in order to experiment with other concepts. Consider adding more detail in areas you want people to focus on, and being more suggestive in other areas to help lead the viewer around the piece.

    In terms of colour, try getting colours down across the entire piece first to see how the piece will feel as a whole.

    Hope this helps :)