Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Gathering the Composition

I have now chosen the first base image in which i will attempt to re-design and re-create into a matte painting inspired by my soundscape. For this image i am trying to create a temple high into the snowy, harsh mountains up on which will be inhabited by a dark religion.

Here are a few development shots of the composition, they are extremely rough as i am just trying to gather some different compositions for the painting. I am trying to create a futuristic grand temple which has been built into the mountain base.


  1. intriguing, Rich...! Also, just to let you know that your blog will be featured as a link off the course page on the soon-to-be-rebooted UCA website, which means that 'Joe Public' will be able to look over your creative shoulder - which means, of course, that your blog needs to kick some serious creative arse... you are know an exemplar, so make me proud! :-)

    I'm also going to post the Summer Project brief on the CGAA group blog, just to ensure that all participants can refresh their understanding of what's required...

  2. All sounds good Phil, I see all the new recruits are coming in which is good. I suppose its time to get cracking with some serious creativity :)