Friday, 13 August 2010

Interior Environment Thumbnails #01

Taking on a more refined concept that relates more to my delegated soundscape, i decided it was time to go back to basics and knock up a few thumbnail sketches. I feel as though a few of these initial sketches have potential to be taken much further into the project. I bordered the 3 sketches which i feel have the most potential, any suggestions would be most appreciated.

I like both the composition and ideas behind these thumbnails, but am also interested in capturing a bridge/walkway high up in the mountains linking two parts of the building together. This would show some interior environment as well as exterior (the harsh snowy mountains) which would help to set the scene within all the paintings.


  1. Hey Rich,

    I suggest that with thumbnails 1 + 2, you create an extended environment drawing from them - open out the world; at the moment, you've got some pretty generic vaulted corridors... what can you do to innovate and elaborate, and better communicate the culture/rules//logic of your imagined location? I think perhaps you need to consider some ethnicity or motifs to give it some 'visual velcro'. I think perhaps that the thought of drawing and getting it right is inhibiting your visual flourish in this respect?

    Some 'strongly flavoured' monumental masonry...

    Check out images of the fan-vaulted ceiling at Kings College for something man-made and yet very organic...

    also Tomek Baginski's animation The Cathedral @

  2. I think some of these have some great potential in terms of composition. Just be sure to include extra details as Phil suggested when developing further, as this will help define your world from others.

  3. Yeah, i agree with you both, of course i will add some extra detail to the walls and the overall interior environment. The purpose of these drawings was just to mark out the rough idea and gather composition. There are some very interesting images there Phil, i particularly like the cieling at Kings College.

    In my drawings a tried not to show the cieling too much to create a much greater sense of size and 'epic-ness' for use of a better word.

    I think now some further research into the detailing of the environment is needed, then take them on a trip through Photoshop.