Thursday, 30 September 2010

Maya: Generi Guy - Lipsync Week 01

Heres my first step into Lipsyncing, its the basic jaw bounce using the Jim Carey sound file given to us.

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Post Modernism - Mulholland Dr. (2001)

Today's theory lecture developed some what further into the world of post modernism. I feel as though it was more of a general lecture in aiding us to understand post modernism slightly more with some key examples of post modernism within history. A very brief definition of the subject discussed today would be how post modernism has been used to touch upon the subject of genetic racism. The formula in which was used to teach us this was as follows; an apple (Newtons theories) + Francis Galton's Composite Portraits + Auschwitz + Jean-Francois Lytotard = Thomas Ruff's Other Portrait # 143/146. As confusing as this formula may be, it all made sense in the end, but a sense of which still is quite illusive to me. I found today's lecture quite interesting indeed due to having some slight knowledge of the subject areas discussed, for example genetic racism, Auschwitz and Thomas Ruff.

After the presentation we went onto watch David Lynch's Mulholland Drive (2001), which is quite a film indeed. The idea Lynch was attempting to bring across to the audience was a constant reminder that we are watching a film, not real life. An attempt to narrow down the films plot into a few sentences would not at all serve the film the justice it deserves, so needless to say i wont. But what i will say is that the plot/story line is a giant mind puzzle leaving the viewer desperately trying to set each scene in its correct setting, which is impossible in a film such as this. The story jumps from scene to scene in a completely non-linear fashion, which is what makes the film pure genius. The amount of twists and turns in which Lynch throws at the viewer in the film is madness, and by doing so always leaves the viewer trying to work out what is happening in the story the further in it goes, when the idea in my opinion, is simply not to. Just let the film play from scene to scene and accept that we will not get the satisfaction of knowing exactly what is happening within the film and overall what the film is about. In my opinion Mulholland Drive is a film worth watching for any film enthuasiast due to its puzzle like/non-linear storyline and its impressive soundtrack and visual expression.

Ed Wood (1994)

Ed Wood is a biographical film based on the life of the ever so famous Edward D. Wood Jr, who is now known to be the worst movie director of all time. Which is ironic as during his living life his ambition was to be famous for his films, but its only in his after life when he truly becomes famous for his films, for all the wrong reasons. The three films in which Wood are famous for are 'Glen or Glenda', 'Bride of the Monster', and 'Plan 9 from outer Space', which in the film set the timeline for the biography.

Through out the film we see many draw backs on Wood's pursue to become a famous director, but most incredibly of all we see his rather cooky alter ego and his heart felt relationship with famous B-Movie star Bella Lugosi. Whom of which had some of the most comical scenes within the film. The film is shot in black and white which really help set the scene in a retro fashion. It was only due to Johnny Depp's role in the film which drew my mind back to realism and the idea that the film is a remake of a biographical b style movie.

The film had a great cast which was full of really individual characters which really tops the film in terms of the actors relation to the characters. Overall i would say that this movie was a great watch for the current project as it helped set the scene within B-Movies, as well as it just being a good movie in general.

Character - Henchman

Today's character workshop went quite well. We learnt the important of shapes within characters i.e, big blocky shapes represent a strong character, where as curved circular shapes represent a more soft character. Then with a combination of these shapes used in the correct way you would be able to create a character which is big and strong, showing a more blocky edge, but as the same time be really peaceful and soft, showing some slight circular shapes. The task set to us today was to create our idea of the henchman. I instantly connected this with my character project drawing them a possible secret agents, moving towards a more villain henchman.

I quite like the end character which is why I developed the idea slightly further, but i though as though it didn't instantly portray the idea of the henchman. I'm pleased with the outcome of the middle character in terms of the henchman, i think this is due to its more obvious dopey manor, for example to hunch back shoulders, the slack tie/shirt and his big brow.

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Influence Map - Character

Here's my influence map for the 'Secret Agent Dinosaurs'. As you can see the key influences are highly mainstream within the television/movie industry.

Post Modernism - Kill Bill: Vol. 1 (2003)

Post modernism, what is post modernism? who knows, because i certainly don't (well just yet anyway). Hopefully by the end of the series of lectures created for us i will have a much greater understanding rather than a minor impression of its theories. For now i think its safe to say that post modernism lays down a set of theories which i widely misunderstood, which Phil did mention during the ending part of the lecture. It shall be quite interesting as we fall deeper into the trap of post modernism as i believe this subject theory has the most potential to influence me within my life in the CG/film realm. Whilst listening to the lecture i jotted down some key words, which in my opinion are quite hard to link together, so post modernism truly must be difficult. The words are as follows;

Political correctness gone mad
Stopped ability of expression
Self obsessed
Sell out
Socal Hoax

During the lecture we was told that to understand post modernism, you must first understand modernism. Which in descriptive terms sounds pretty much the same. The only difference i could see and understand was the modernism represents the whole and post modernism represents the individual. I'm not too sure whether this is true but at least its a start on my journey to understand post modernism.

After the lecture we then went on to watch Quentin Tarrantino's Kill Bill. A film which is jam packed full of post modernism references. It was only after the lecture and at the end of the film when i realised how the film related to the subject. Post modernism aside, Kill Bill is an amazing film from an amazing director who's films often get compared to Marmite 'you either love them or you hate them', in my case i love them. But once introduced to a slight bit of post modernism theory, it makes the film all the better. Some key examples which make Kill Bill a piece of post modernism art include his 'mash-up' of genres and his retrospect of paying homage to classic films. His mash-up of genres include, classic Western films, (note the opening scene), all the way through to classic Japanese films (the scene in which the main character takes on a deadly Japanese gang/samurai). A lot of people would say that Tarrantino has simply ripped of old films, other would say that he has used the genre of the old film, combined it with another and made something new and innovative, hence post modernism.

Lost in La Mancha (2002)

'Lost in La Mancha' is a documentary based on director Terry Gilliam's struggle to create a film in which some people say is cursed, named 'The Man Who Killed Don Quixote'. This documentary discusses the struggles in which Gilliam faced whilst in all stages of creating the film, which sadly to the day remains un-finished.

From the set out of the documentary it was clear that this project was going to fail, so in some ways ruined the ending, but knowing that we were watching a documentary based on real life events within Gilliam's life working on the film somehow brought across a daunting feeling of a life long project literally being washed away.

For a outside viewers point of view it seemed as though the film was in Gilliam's eyes no long a film, but rather a life long ambition in which he has to finish. Through out all the set backs within creating the film, many people may have called it a day a lot sooner, but judging by Gilliam's dedication to the film it seems to be more than just a film to him.

Watching the documentary we a great realisation that if a project is not set out and directed in the correct manor, the project will soon fall into shambles. A fate which no artist ever wants to encounter.

Character Briefing

This is a highly anticipated project for many people, as well as a highly important one. This is the first time we have had two projects overlapping at the same time so i believe a strong sense of time management is in order. As we all know for this project we have been set the challenge of creating a character bible for a retro 80's Saturday morning cartoon. Within this bible we shall need to create a basic synopsis for the cartoon, turn around sketches for three characters; the villain, the hero, and the side kick. As well as this we shall need to include any extra sketches needed to create 3 great characters, this can include facial expressions, colour selection, shapes used to create different emotions within the characters etc...

As mentioned before we have to each create a different Saturday morning cartoon show. To make sure our cartoons are truly individual we have been given two different themes which we will combine together to create a retro 'mash up' genre. A key example would be 'Animals' and 'Ninjas' resulting in 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles'.

The two words given to me are 'Secret Agent' and 'Dinosaurs', possibly the most random combination given to the class. Some ideas are already running through my mind whcih i shall develop on in due time. Aswell as being presented with the brief we also took part in a character sketching workshop. We simply had to draw what ever came to mind out of two words given to use. The combinations given to me during the workshop were 'Polite Elvis', 'Bald Super Model', and 'Mutant Nazi'.

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Narrative Briefing

Now year 2 of our course has kicked off, I'm pretty happy to say how pleased i was upon this first briefing, being given the theme of 'Retro-Fest' and the target of creating a retro B-Movie trailer. Not only do i enjoy the theme of the retro horror movie concept, but as well as this i have previously covered this subject in Unit 06 of last year. Up on which i created a trailer for 'The Life Cycle of Slime Mold' in a B-Movie fashion. Having this information gives me the slight upper hand advantage not only for myself but also for my studio. I feel more confident this time around in creating the trailer but also some how less confident knowing that i have set my self a level which i need to improve on.

I have been placed in studio G, which consists of me, Matt, and Sam. We have now created the studio name CreatureStudios. I have set up a studio blog which is available to follow, the link is on the CGAA group blog, but incase people missed it here it is again...
The name of our film allocated to us at the time of briefing is...

Attack of the Horrible Cheerleaders from Beyond the Stars

Its not the greatest name compared to some of the other created but it sure will do for a retro B-Movie. I do look forward in seeing this project develop into something 'amazing' for everyone as this is our first course related group project.

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Minor Update

After an eventful day of seeing some old faces again as well as new i thought id spend the evening cracking on with this painting. Tonight i focused on painting the left eye (her right), it has been quite a time consuming task seeing as this is the first face i have painted so every part of the painting is a new learning curve. For blogging sake i quickly duplicated the eye (which is y it looks a bit off) and coloured in some hair to show how the overall face should look up on completion. There is still a lot more progress to be made on the face i.e the nose, skin shading, eyebrows, hair etc...

Friday, 3 September 2010

A change of heart

I'm sad to say that i am now pulling out of the summer project but do wish everyone else the best of luck. My inspiration was running thin for the project and in the end i found myself being quite counter productive with my time. But alas all is not lost in the digital realm, recently i have found a new source of inspiration and have now decided to create an entirely different and new digital painting.

The idea came to me soon after watching the film 'The Mist' for the first time, (thanks to the people that ruined the end ;)) as well as some general browsing of the Internet, classic horror films and probably my unit 06 project. I decided to create a classically style horror painting, similar to those you would find on the Goosebumps books.

The theme for the painting is 'don't go to the toilet at night' which I'm sure is frightful for a fair few people, and the idea is a little girl getting swept away by a giant tentacle escaping the toilet after her venture to it. I tried to keep the idea as simple but effective as possible, which is the reason upon why i have chosen the creature in the painting to be a single tentacle, which also shows homage to the old fashioned/cheap horror movies.

A brief overview of the painting is as follows; a tentacle launching out of a toilet grabbing hold of a little girl, the bathroom will be based around the 50-70s design, the colour palette for the bathroom will be full of pastel shades (green, cream, pink etc.), the colour palette for the tentacle is undecided but I'm thinking of the classic purple/green or purple/orange, the colour palette for the overall environment will be shades of blue due to the room being moon-lit, but there will be a cut of warm oranges across the scene representing the open door, and the overall style of painting will be your classic horror painting (realistic but obviously a painting) with a hint of style.

Heres the painting so far, ive mainly focused on getting the line art right which will aid in achieving the right compostion, angle and proportion of the image. Then with some line art i was happy with i then started colouring the painting, my main focus today has been creating expression and focusng on the little girls scream.

I now plan to finish off the face tomorrow, or at least some features on the face, then I'm off on holiday for 10 days to Corfu, and shall finish the painting on my return before first semester starts. Any thoughts and opinions like always would be much appreciated.