Friday, 3 September 2010

A change of heart

I'm sad to say that i am now pulling out of the summer project but do wish everyone else the best of luck. My inspiration was running thin for the project and in the end i found myself being quite counter productive with my time. But alas all is not lost in the digital realm, recently i have found a new source of inspiration and have now decided to create an entirely different and new digital painting.

The idea came to me soon after watching the film 'The Mist' for the first time, (thanks to the people that ruined the end ;)) as well as some general browsing of the Internet, classic horror films and probably my unit 06 project. I decided to create a classically style horror painting, similar to those you would find on the Goosebumps books.

The theme for the painting is 'don't go to the toilet at night' which I'm sure is frightful for a fair few people, and the idea is a little girl getting swept away by a giant tentacle escaping the toilet after her venture to it. I tried to keep the idea as simple but effective as possible, which is the reason upon why i have chosen the creature in the painting to be a single tentacle, which also shows homage to the old fashioned/cheap horror movies.

A brief overview of the painting is as follows; a tentacle launching out of a toilet grabbing hold of a little girl, the bathroom will be based around the 50-70s design, the colour palette for the bathroom will be full of pastel shades (green, cream, pink etc.), the colour palette for the tentacle is undecided but I'm thinking of the classic purple/green or purple/orange, the colour palette for the overall environment will be shades of blue due to the room being moon-lit, but there will be a cut of warm oranges across the scene representing the open door, and the overall style of painting will be your classic horror painting (realistic but obviously a painting) with a hint of style.

Heres the painting so far, ive mainly focused on getting the line art right which will aid in achieving the right compostion, angle and proportion of the image. Then with some line art i was happy with i then started colouring the painting, my main focus today has been creating expression and focusng on the little girls scream.

I now plan to finish off the face tomorrow, or at least some features on the face, then I'm off on holiday for 10 days to Corfu, and shall finish the painting on my return before first semester starts. Any thoughts and opinions like always would be much appreciated.


  1. I like how the second sketch is differnet from the first one. I think it also comunicates the idea better :)

  2. Have a good time in Corfu - I am jealous!

  3. dan...i just thought of another thing you couldve checked out...pirates of the carribean? with the Kraken!