Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Character - Henchman

Today's character workshop went quite well. We learnt the important of shapes within characters i.e, big blocky shapes represent a strong character, where as curved circular shapes represent a more soft character. Then with a combination of these shapes used in the correct way you would be able to create a character which is big and strong, showing a more blocky edge, but as the same time be really peaceful and soft, showing some slight circular shapes. The task set to us today was to create our idea of the henchman. I instantly connected this with my character project drawing them a possible secret agents, moving towards a more villain henchman.

I quite like the end character which is why I developed the idea slightly further, but i though as though it didn't instantly portray the idea of the henchman. I'm pleased with the outcome of the middle character in terms of the henchman, i think this is due to its more obvious dopey manor, for example to hunch back shoulders, the slack tie/shirt and his big brow.

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