Saturday, 18 September 2010

Minor Update

After an eventful day of seeing some old faces again as well as new i thought id spend the evening cracking on with this painting. Tonight i focused on painting the left eye (her right), it has been quite a time consuming task seeing as this is the first face i have painted so every part of the painting is a new learning curve. For blogging sake i quickly duplicated the eye (which is y it looks a bit off) and coloured in some hair to show how the overall face should look up on completion. There is still a lot more progress to be made on the face i.e the nose, skin shading, eyebrows, hair etc...


  1. Strangely - she looks a lot like you!

    Hurry up and finish this! :P

  2. LOL Nice observation Jon, although a helluva lot cuter. The eyes and mouth are working well, it will be interseting to see how you interpret the hair.

  3. Haha Simon.

    This would be a lovely piece to translate into 3D. Any plans too Richard?

  4. Ha, im going with the brown hair and blue eyes being the resemblence. Theres no way i can finish this in time before tomorow to i reckon it will be on the back burner. Im not really looking that keen on doing the hair but i suppose it shall be an experience :/ but i do have a clear style idea so it should be interesting.

    There are plans to take this into the 3D world as i also think it would work well, but this shall be in many months to come :)