Thursday, 23 September 2010

Narrative Briefing

Now year 2 of our course has kicked off, I'm pretty happy to say how pleased i was upon this first briefing, being given the theme of 'Retro-Fest' and the target of creating a retro B-Movie trailer. Not only do i enjoy the theme of the retro horror movie concept, but as well as this i have previously covered this subject in Unit 06 of last year. Up on which i created a trailer for 'The Life Cycle of Slime Mold' in a B-Movie fashion. Having this information gives me the slight upper hand advantage not only for myself but also for my studio. I feel more confident this time around in creating the trailer but also some how less confident knowing that i have set my self a level which i need to improve on.

I have been placed in studio G, which consists of me, Matt, and Sam. We have now created the studio name CreatureStudios. I have set up a studio blog which is available to follow, the link is on the CGAA group blog, but incase people missed it here it is again...
The name of our film allocated to us at the time of briefing is...

Attack of the Horrible Cheerleaders from Beyond the Stars

Its not the greatest name compared to some of the other created but it sure will do for a retro B-Movie. I do look forward in seeing this project develop into something 'amazing' for everyone as this is our first course related group project.

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