Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Post Modernism - Mulholland Dr. (2001)

Today's theory lecture developed some what further into the world of post modernism. I feel as though it was more of a general lecture in aiding us to understand post modernism slightly more with some key examples of post modernism within history. A very brief definition of the subject discussed today would be how post modernism has been used to touch upon the subject of genetic racism. The formula in which was used to teach us this was as follows; an apple (Newtons theories) + Francis Galton's Composite Portraits + Auschwitz + Jean-Francois Lytotard = Thomas Ruff's Other Portrait # 143/146. As confusing as this formula may be, it all made sense in the end, but a sense of which still is quite illusive to me. I found today's lecture quite interesting indeed due to having some slight knowledge of the subject areas discussed, for example genetic racism, Auschwitz and Thomas Ruff.

After the presentation we went onto watch David Lynch's Mulholland Drive (2001), which is quite a film indeed. The idea Lynch was attempting to bring across to the audience was a constant reminder that we are watching a film, not real life. An attempt to narrow down the films plot into a few sentences would not at all serve the film the justice it deserves, so needless to say i wont. But what i will say is that the plot/story line is a giant mind puzzle leaving the viewer desperately trying to set each scene in its correct setting, which is impossible in a film such as this. The story jumps from scene to scene in a completely non-linear fashion, which is what makes the film pure genius. The amount of twists and turns in which Lynch throws at the viewer in the film is madness, and by doing so always leaves the viewer trying to work out what is happening in the story the further in it goes, when the idea in my opinion, is simply not to. Just let the film play from scene to scene and accept that we will not get the satisfaction of knowing exactly what is happening within the film and overall what the film is about. In my opinion Mulholland Drive is a film worth watching for any film enthuasiast due to its puzzle like/non-linear storyline and its impressive soundtrack and visual expression.

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