Friday, 15 October 2010

Aliens or Robots?

The question is Aliens or Robots? This is a question in which we had to answer quite early on within the project due to our final card allocated at the briefing being quite open (from beyond the stars). This meant that we could take many routes in story direction as well as conceptual direction. Its a question which has the potential to drastically change a story and have a great influence on the direction in which this project would undergo. As a group we decided to take the Alien route, which i believe was pretty much unanimous. Whilst researching the many different B-movies i discovered that i high majority of them featured either a creature or an alien, with a smaller minority of them featuring robots.

Being given the cheerleader as our leading role, we decided to take a more sassy/sexual approach to creating our story. So being heavily influenced by the many movies out there which feature the idea of sex, we ended up with the idea of a being from outer space coming to earth and ****ing the male sex to death, to put the story in its most crudest form of course.

To help gain an idea of what directions we could have taken on this project i researched into the subject of 'sex-bots' and the 'alien sexual predator'.

On the side of the Sex-Bot, some notable films in which feature the sex-bot are; Austin Powers and the fembots, Blade runner, and The Stepford wives. Some films more than others feature the idea of the sex bot more than others, but the idea for a women to be built as the 'perfect' women is still there. The idea of the 'Fembots' fits are story the most, taking on the basic idea that these women have been sent to Earth to seduce and kill, but a nice touch added in The Stepford Wives is the robots human ambiguity, an idea which we did strive for in our story.

On the side of the 'Sexual Predatory Aliens', there are much films which involve this genre, but the three films which stood out to me include 'Species', 'The Faculty', and above all 'Splice'. Even though the film Splice was not built to revolve around the idea of Dren (the creature) being a sexual predator, there is a key moment in the film in which involves the themes of creature/aliens and sex, a scene of which has a great influence behind the idea of our story. Recently watching the film 'The Faculty' also really helped in creating the story and gathering the idea of the cheerleaders being a tentacle like creature in disguise as a cheerleader, which also ties in the idea of the B-movie creature.

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