Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Character Workshop 03 - Skeleton

In this workshop we studied the art of drawing a skeleton which allows for easy drawing of the character needed. I started of with Batman, at first i thought the idea was simple enough but then when i really thought about where the joints would be and what size they should be it proved to be quite difficult in getting the shapes and placement right. Soon after this we then went onto turn our skeletons into its female form, I'm not too happy with the out come of my female Batman, due to there being a Bat women and knowing how far of i was. After the process of working on the skeletons we then moved onto creating a side view for a new character, i found this quite interesting to learn as i struggled on creating a side view for my Unit 04 project linked HERE. I got given the character of Hercules to draw, which at first i thought was quite daunting, but then when i got further into the drawing of my second attempt i feel as though i learnt how to draw the right body curve for the character. My main focus on the drawing was the legs, so the chest wasn't too impressive until Justin corrected the drawing and showed me how it should be done.

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