Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Character Update

I haven't posted much on the Character project other than the workshops, sadly due to the fact that i haven't been thinking about it much. In comparison to the Narrative project it always seems as though this Character project is lurking around in the back burner somewhere. Its week six now so this means this needs to change (desperately). Up until now i have thought about the project here and there but it was only until our tutorials with Colin White when i realised how much work is left to do. Just to recap my two given words were 'Secret Agent' and 'Dinosaur', a combination which has barely been combined, and a yes a great challenge. In some ways i believe this has also hindered me within my enthusiasm to whack this project on the head, but alas i shall complete the project with an outcome i will be happy with.

Pre-Colin White tutorial...

At first my initial response was to create a character for the Secret Agent on one side (Hero/Villain) and create a character for the Dinosaur on the other. Some ideas were lurking around but nothing solid to work with. A rough outline of an idea i quite liked at the time was that the Dinosaurs either survived the ice-age or it never happened, and they were living in modern day life among humans. As nice as this idea was i didn't feel as though it quite matched the criteria of the brief, which is of course to create characters for a retro Saturday morning cartoon. Baring this in mind i then thought of the idea to merge two themes together to create an overall one.

Secret Agent + Dinosaur =

Of course a dinosaur in a tux, an idea which i wanted to stay away from due to its humour and pre-school like nature.

Still with the idea in mind that i will merge the two themes together, i then came up with a more hardcore idea than the previous. This idea was that the Dinosaurs will take the human form but will keep there Dinosaur features, i.e there head, hands, and feet.

The story behind this idea was that the now hybrid human/dinosaurs were previously secret agents and took part in a top secret government experiment which was a success, the experiment being to combine the DNA of a dinosaur with a human to create a super secret agent. The result being humanoid secret agents with some dinosaur features. I thought i had quite an original idea, but through the wonders of google i managed to find the image below, which took all my ideas for this project, and kicked *** at doing it.

I very much liked this idea but soon fell int a rut. The idea was going no where and was very hard to let go of, but then with the help of Justin and Colin i soon did.

Now back to Colin White and the tutorial. Overall i would say i had a good tutorial, but a good one for the wrong reasons. He helped in aiding me with ideas but also dismissed my grand idea (my opinion) of the top secret humanoid Secret Agent Dinosaur project. Leaving the outcome of the project back where i started. A dinosaur in a tux.

As nice as these drawings are, i was still reluctant in taking this idea as the idea driving my project. But now since talking to Justin i have decided to take the plus sides of both ideas and meet somewhere in the middle. Drawings soon to come...

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  1. Hi Rich

    Some thoughts...

    1)To make it more interesting you could look at the role of the Spy. Is he James Bond, Jonny English, Inspector Gadget, Get Smart, or Secret Squirrel?

    2) Is the sidekick actually smarter than the "hero"?

    3)Is the villain small by comparison (Baby still in its egg - E.g. Stewie from family guy).

    4) If the Agent is a lizard type creature could he stretch, twist, and deform to bring a dynamic flavour to the role.

    5)What about the world - Is a Fintstone's world or set is it set in the preiod before the dinosaurs extinction (evolved Dinosaur society). If its the extinction path then perhaps that should be part of the 'master plan' of the villian.

    ...You have an 'obvious' logic that seems appropriate so play with the narrative, world, and roles instead.