Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Character Workshop 06 - Stereotypes and Silhouettes

In this workshop we focused on creating characters which strongly represent that of there stereotype/personality. Some obvious examples would be a stereotype of the 'computer geek' having a rather shy, slob like personality, with another being a 'chav' having a more abrupt, hooligan like personality. I got given the word 'zombie', a word which i was quite happy to work with, but also a word which i had fun stereotyping with. I drew a zombie which had been bitten and infected with a virus, a little girl creepy killer zombie, and a zombie beyond the grave. After this i then went on to trace around the zombie which i felt had the most effect as a character representing that of the stereotyped zombie, and then worked on its silhouette to see how the character works overall.

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