Thursday, 14 October 2010

Narrative Story Draft #01

Here's the story behind our trailer. Some of the scenes spoken below will appear in the trailer including numerous alien attacks/killings of jocks, and some great realisation scenes in which the hero of our story 'the nerdy girl' (a character since watching scream I'm sure everyone is aware of) works out what is going on around school. I shall soon post a shot structure of exactly what will be seen within the trailer.

In small town America, at an ordinary local high school. One student’s school life soon takes a turn for the worse. Suspicions are raised through disappearances of the school’s male students, which leads to the horrible discovery that the cheerleaders aren't quite what they seem.

An alien species from beyond the stars find themselves intrigued by a high schools local radio broadcast, in which discusses the up and coming 'big game'. These aliens see this as the perfect opportunity to infiltrate the school, where once in they will be able to 'use' the male students in ways which earth has never seen before.

The alien's race is rapidly dying, so they need to find a new means of reproduction, which just so happens to be at the expense of young male students. The aliens plan to pose as female students, where they will then attract the male students, reproduce with them, kill them, and use there bodies as an incubator to host there alien offspring.

Due to recent observations on Earth the alien species know exactly how they will attract the male students, and gain exactly what they desire. They will do so by posing as Cheerleaders, a group of girls which hold the overall power within the female students, which means they will then hunt and kill there prey 'the jocks', the overall higher ranking male students.

After numerous disappearances within the schools basket ball team, the chief editor of the schools newspaper decides to look into the subject matter by doing some research around the locker rooms, but only to end up as a victim of the savage alien cheerleaders. After the disappearance of numerous basket ball team members and the chief editor, it is now up to his understudy to work out what is going on around the school. She puts the disappearances together along with the strange appearance of the new cheerleaders and soon realises that they are the reason behind the disappearances. It is then up to her to gain the acceptance of her peers and save the day.

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