Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Narrative Update

Okay, so i haven't really posted anything productive which relates to my narrative project yet. This doesn't mean i haven't been doing the work, it just means i haven't posted about it on the blog. So here it is, so far i have been enjoying this project a hell of a lot. I think its due to the project being group based and a good subject area.

So far the work related to this project for me has been more management based. In the last two weeks we have established our brand identity, created a studio blog, delegated project management/pre-production roles, and have researched into subject areas needed for the project.

To establish a brand identity for the group we brainstormed a few ideas and ended up with 'CreatureStudios'. Some studio names brought up in conversation included 'RSMstudios/PrismStudios' which seemed to be too plain and lacked any enthusiasm, 'Creative Studios' which seemed to be too wide spread and open, 'CreativeCreature Studios' which was slowly getting closer to the result we wanted, but still wasn't just right due to its length, and finally 'CreatureStudios' which to the group made most sense. It's a simple/direct name which instantly establishes a brand identity, as well as indicates some creativity within the company shown by the name. Not only did the name work for many different reasons, it also allowed us to create a nice logo which is built up of both text and imagery. We are yet to create business cards and an ident for the company, but due to our final logo looking how it does there are some excellent ideas floating around.

The final logo and its development are as follows. There is not much due to the group deciding what logo design we shall use for the final quite early on, but whilst creating the final logo there was many changes in direction and idea, as well as some text based development. For example the text for 'creature' was previously just straight lined, where as i thought it would be a nice idea to have the letters flow in line with the curve on the tentacle as though they were being sucked up by the tentacle.

As well as creating the studio logo, in the first couple of weeks on this project i worked on creating a professional looking studio blog along with a Facebook and YouTube page all of which are linked to on the studio blog HERE.

To create a professional looking blog i created one using a basic blog template, then edited the information shown onscreen by loosing any extra unnecessary detailing to only show the information needed for the studio. I then added the studio logo and some studio links, for example a direct studio email, a facebook/youtube link etc. Then to finish off the template i created a simple banner of the title for our animation. I done so in a style which brings across the overall aesthetic of the 1950's b-movie posters and one which relates to our theme for the animation. The development is below which shows the starting and finalised banner, as you can see i used a basic 50's horror style text which resembles a more 'attack of the alien feel' due to its off balanced text and curvy lines and then added a slight intruding perspective. All of which i think works well for the name of our animation 'Attack of the Horrible Cheerleaders from Beyond the Stars'.

To kick start the story for our project we sat down and brainstormed a few different ideas we had floating around. This was a good group process as it allowed ideas to bounce of each others ending up with an overall better idea. At first we broke down the story into its segments to allow us to understand exactly what type of story we are creating.

Attack of the Horrible Cheerleaders from Beyond the Stars

From the title delegated to us we knew we had to create a story which involves an Attack, which would be created by the Horrible Cheerleaders, meaning that for some reason the cheerleaders would be attacking earth in a horrible manor and that they were from Beyond the Stars, meaning that they generally were from outer space allowing us to play around with different species.

Once we understood exactly what type of story we needed to create we then went on to brain storm a few ideas in which were helpful in then further developing a story.

Working on these notes we then came up with some rough story ideas. One of the ideas in which we created that we believed had the most possibility is as follows.

At a local high school in a small ordinary town, things soon take a turn for the worse as some other being has arrived from beyond the stars. Using a cheerleaders charm these beings plan to take the minds of the Earth.

At this point in the project we were set on the story being a supernatural thriller, like something similar to 'The Faculty', rather than a horror flick. The idea behind the story would have been that an other worldly being has landed on earth to take over the world, doing so by using the cheerleaders beauty and chants to hypnotize there audience. As good as this idea was it just wasn't right. The brief of the project states that we are to create a b-movie trailer, and the story in which we were working from did not match that criteria, in the fact that the story was far to subtle for a b-movie.

Working further on this story with a slight change in direction lead us to introduce some characters key to the story. We decided on having four cheerleaders which would be the new school 'click' similar to that in 'Mean Girls', some classic jocks in which would be targets for the brainwash, a nerd girl character who would be the smart person and save the day, and her arrogant chief editor who would be used as the alien reveal character. With these characters in mind this then allowed us to block out some key scenes which we could work around developing the story even further.

By now we have decided that to make our story work, the cheerleaders will need to be aliens which some how take over the cheerleaders bodies, who will then take over the minds of the jocks. In conversation with Phil, he suggested some good ideas which really pulled in and developed our story some more. Which lead to the final outcome of our story being more sassy and sexually enthused.

The Synopsis:

In small town America, at an ordinary local high school, one student’s school life soon takes a turn for the worse. Suspicions are raised through disappearances of the school’s male students, which leads to the horrible discovery that the cheerleaders aren't quite what they seem.

The story behind this synopsis is that aliens have entered a small school disguised as cheerleaders to quite literally **** the jocks to death, where they will then use there bodies as an incubator to breed there offspring. But as more and more members of the school basket ball team have gone missing, the schools chief editor decides to do some sniffing around the locker room where he witnesses and then encounters one of these alien attacks. Now that more and more jocks have disappeared along with the schools chief newspaper editor, his under study 'the nerdy girl' notices some strange happenings ever since the introduction of the new cheerleading team which then leads her to believe that they are aliens attacking the male students. It is now up to her to convince her peers that the new cheerleaders aren't quite what they seem to be, and save the day.

It makes more sense for our story to create a teaser trailer for the film, so in the sense of what shall be shown this limits us in the perfect way. We wont divulge to much information about the film, but we will show the perfect amount which will lead the viewer wanting to see more. Although this does mean that we will need to be incredibly smart in what scenes will be shown within the trailer, so that enough information is given out to the viewer about the story, but not too much information is given, turning our trailer into a sort of 'short story' of the bigger picture.

Throughout the development of our story there have been some key scenes in which we have been adamant in showing as well as some scenes in which are cruel to the story, so some cuts within the ideas have been made, but so far each cut has been made for the right reason and will overall serve a good purpose in showing the of the story.

Some ideas which were discussed are as follows...

Some ideas which we discussed but never made it to the table was a cheerleader reveal shot. This would have either been at the beginning or end of the trailer. The Gym doors would burst open to reveal a bright white light and the silhouette of four sexy cheerleaders, which would then walk towards the camera to reveal there alien ways.

The idea of a school radio or a local radio tower which would talk about 'the big game' on Friday which would then show the broadcast being sent up into space where the aliens would then pick up on it.

The alien landing scene which would take place in a misty woodland area behind the school, which would then lead onto a late night cheerleading practice where the alien take-over would take place.

Some ideas which did make it into the final scene structure include the classic 'make-out' point scene, which at first was going to be the witness to the landing craft, but which now takes witness to the first killing within the trailer. A couple are at make out point, but the mood soon changes from lust to horror as the cheerleader in the car soon turns on the jock and kills him in a completely suggestive but horrific manor.

The final key scene which was discussed was the big alien reveal scene which shall take place in the locker room. Known as the 'key hole perv scene', the scene is built up of a number of shots which all take place around the locker room. The chief editor of the school paper is snooping around and looks through a locker room key hole, it then shows a shot of what he is looking at through the key hole, which is a cheerleader walking out of his view towards a jock, he then sees a silhouette of the horrific alien change and attack on the jock, which then goes to a shot of his eye widening in fear, which then finishes with a shot of a shadow slowly lurking behind him.

At this minute in time these shots might not make too much sense but in due course i will post the final scene structure which will individually describe what shots will be shown within the scenes.

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