Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Narrative Character: Jock

Over the last two days i have been designing the basic Jock character for our animation. So far i have designed the basic body structure and costume which the jock will wear, but still need to design  variations of different jock heads and facial expressions. I have also put together a quick art style influence map which will help guide the art style for our animation. I am taking inspiration from 'Monsters vs Aliens' within the overall shape style for the animation, 'The Gruffalo' for its simple use of textures and shapes/backdrops, 'Salesmen Pete' for its quirky edge, and 'Team Fortress 2' for its great use of painted textures.

The Jock character developed into an interesting character quite instantaneously due to extensive research, and a now better understanding of the overall art style of the animation. I think it matches our animations simple cartoon style quite well and will blend in with the style of environments which Sam has been working on.



  1. Really looking forward to seeing this project gather speed, Rich (& Sam, & Matt). Looks as if you've got a cute style happening too.

  2. So am i, it should be interesting to see everything piecing together.