Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Studio Blog

Since the begginning of our Narrative project i took the role of creating the studio blog and any admin work which follows behind it, for example Facebook pages, YouTube channels etc. I have recently changed our blog again by adding in the new banner, adjusted the information which falls down the right side and added in some pages which include; Development, Pre-Production, Production, Post Production, About, and Discussion. (The Pre-Production, Production, and Post Production pages have a strong chance of changing). All of which bring a more proessional edge to our blog which was specified within the brief. In the About page, as you can see below, i added some pofiles images with linked information, more of which will be needed to create a fact file on each team member. I have also added a Discussion page, which is a simple way of the group all being able to speak to each other to discuss problems, deadlines, queries etc. This allows for a more solid form of communication as apossed to instant messaging conversations.

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