Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Car Update #04

Not much of a visual update here but quite a substantial update anyway. I have now worked out the topology problems which were along the roof and back side of the car and am now ready to start adding in all the final detailing needed. The mesh flow all seems to be in order with only some small minor tweaks needed here and there. The majority of work added or changed has been within the roof area but all over the car i have tweaked the geometry here and there to allow for a smooth finish, i have added in a plane for the grill area, and have now added the geometry needed to allow the side window to work, i.e so it doesn't collapse when in sub d and so the geometry around the window flows in a way which allows and edge loops to work. All that needs modelling now is the windows, window trim, wing mirrors, wheels, filling in the gaps underneath the car,door handle and license plate.

Either Alan or Jon, if you can see any problems within the mesh, much appreciated if you could notify me.

1 comment:

  1. Booootiful, good job mate, keep it up.
    Be careful of the 3&5 edge pole at the front wheel arch, that might cause some stretching in the texturing, and pinching in the smoothing.