Monday, 25 January 2010

Maya: Camera Rig - Alan

Alan, regarding the focal length camera rig tutorial, I have left my rig on the uni computers and so was unable to complete the camera rig tutorial for today. I have however posted the previous tutorial, the thirds and diagonal when we received them.

Animation Short Reviews

So here are all of the animation reviews for this unit, the late but that does not mean i did not want to write about them. I thoroughly enjoyed all of them, but my favourite ones have to be Kiwi and Our Wonderful Nature. I think its because they are more character based up on amimals, which is always funny.

Ex ET:

This short animation's story is based on an alien child's life of normality and how he just wants to be a child. Throughout the animation you notice allot of repetitiveness and start to pick up on how the life of this race should be. Very bland, very normal and very so to say drugged up. Once the child becomes out of control, they send him to the doctors, where they 'fix' him by giving him a drug. This process repeats itself again until the parents give up and send him away, it is only at the end when you realise what the story is actually about, which is how children are brought into the world on Earth.

The look and colour palette of this scene is very stylistic, the overall feel of the colours are pastel based and very warm. A very well done animation, it has a great story, great concept, cg and sound.


This short animations story is based on a wing-less bird nailing a tree to the side of a cliff. Its only at the end again like Ex-ET, when the viewer realises what the animation is about. The birds life long dream to fly, like the other birds. The character, kiwi, finally achieves his dream at the end by jumping of the edge of the cliff, falling past the trees and flying in a vertical way.

This animation is full of little emotions which truly make the character. The cg in this animation is very simple, but its brilliance is based in the story. During the animation, i was not sure on how it was going to end, and i had no idea how much emotion can be shown through a clever story, with simple cg, which this animation has done very well.

Our Wonderful Nature:

This short animations story is based on the mating of the water shrew. Such a simple story, but sheer brilliance, they set the scene of the animation by showing a very peaceful, calm, nature based environment where the water shrew lives. This calms down the excitement of the viewer by making them think its an animation based on nature, which many people may think how boring. But this is greatly not the case. This animation is an epic action based fight scene, which consists of two water shrews fighting for there women. The narrator of the animation goes on to tell the viewers about the speed of which the water shrew lives its life, which is very fast paced. Therefor, finishing the story in less than 30 seconds, but this is not the end, the animation then goes on to show the epic fight scene between the two water shrews, which i might say is very, very comical.

This animation has been produced to a very high standard, the story is simple, the cg is brilliant and the sound effects finish of the animation with its super slow-mo sounds and fast paced squeakiness.

Over all i would say that these animations all have there merits, but its the sheet simpleness and emotion of Kiwi, which i rate to be the best.

Maya: Tutorial - Blood Vessel

Heres the final of my tutorials for this unit, its amazing how simple the model is, yet it still looks amazing once rendered.

Maya: Tutorial - Xray Teeth

Another easy tutorial, im starting to get use to these shaders now. Just like the fur, they look realy cool.

Maya: Tutorial - Santa Hat

So heres the santa hat tutorial, appologies for its, working on an older version of maya and was only just told i can do these tutorials on it, which is a relief :)

I never new using fur was this simple, and it has a really cool look after wards.

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Unit 3: Crit Response

An end to a good project, in my opinion they just keep getting better. Overall i think my project went well, a bit of a poor time management after xmas, but still well.

I'm happy with the out come of this project, i agree with and did acknowledge the critiques thrown at me during the presentation, that some improvements could have been made, noticeably in the lighting, some rim light on the wall closest to the camera and on the chaise-lounge would have been nice.

I think a notable well done should be said to Ruben, Leo, Sam and Ethan. They were the presentations which really stood out to me.

Now its on to Unit 4: Storytelling, this should be really interesting, judging on the rather wacky envelopes we received any way. The random words i received for this project are...

A Chef...
A Desert...
And a Lasso.

I have yet to read the brief, so I'm not sure what this project is completely yet, but, I'm all ready imagining a chef character which could be in my story. I suppose this is a good thing though, even if there is no human characters again.

Also, a good bye to Phil 'Photoshop' Hoskin's, which sounds like a wrestler :D you have taught us a lot and i think without you we definitely would not have the outcomes that we have had for the last two projects. Hopefully we do have you again for some projects yet to come.

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Maya: Tableau Vivant Final

Finally finished :D That feels good to say. There have been a fair few problems, but are all solved now. Mainly the problems were within the lights and the colour. I do admit the red wall works better for the room overall, it looked much more luxurious. But when it came to adding the lighting, they just took away from the Sci-Fi, eerie green-ish light. The red walls seemed too warm, where as i wanted the feeling to be cold.

So here it is, I rendered at 1080p but have lowered the quality for the blog and smaller screens.

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Maya: Tableau Vivant Progress 16

Ive taken a render of my possible final scene, but im still not sure upon the colour of the back wall and the colour of the light, the pinky white colour works better to show of the light colour, but the red wall suits the scene more. Ive also applied the droste effect to my scene.

Maya: Tableau Vivant Progress 15

Here's my first textured render. I still need to do work on the lighting system. Regarding that, Alan or anyone who knows, I'm using a spotlight, is that the best option to use or would any other light work better? How do i stop the light/shadow edge from being so jagged? Also what is that strange strips of light on the dressing table?

Ive also decided to take away the plug socket and lamp, there was no logic to them, i was going to have the knocked over lamp, but took that out so there was no need for the plug socket. I was also going to have a lamp, but i takes away from the drastic blue lighting. I think the simplicity is its strong point.

Maya: Tableau Vivant Progress 14

Everything is textured :D but I'm not happy with the chaise-lounge, Ive tryed two different colours but I'm not sure what works the best, or whether it is the wall paper that is the problem. Ive also bumped the pattern on the lounge so its slightly raised.

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Maya: Tableau Vivant Progress 13

A day of texturing, its been quite an interesting day seeing as my only real experience texturing 3d objects have been on this course. Ive been quite slow in the process but that's the price you have to pay for a good quality render. My next job is texturing the chaise-lounge, which i am dreading due to its obscure shape, but none the less has to be done.

This then takes me onto lighting. The lighting in my scene is quite important, this is because the lighting in my scene will be one of the key points that will make it feel uncanny. As you can see from previous posts, i will have a stange light source shining out of the wardrobe which will be in the reflection of the mirror.

Maya: Tableau Vivant Progress 12

Finaly finished laying out my UV's. Now im ready to texture and light. Here's also the other UV snapshots, the chaise lounge cushion is really dodgy, i wasnt sure quite how to do it.

Monday, 18 January 2010

Maya: Tableau Vivant Progress 11

I think I'm over half way through laying out the UV's for my scene now, i tryed out a different technique of modelling the entire scene first and then laying it out after wards. I thought it wouldn't be too bad because theres not much there, but i was wrong. Its much more of a better technique to model and lay out as you go along. All i have to lay out now is the chaise-lounge, picture frame and the wall lamp, then its on to texturing :D

Then after texturing all i have to do is add in my random object, which i now have :D the lighting for the scene and add in the 2d mirror i will draw in Photoshop.

My random object for the scene, which will be placed on top of the chaise-lounge will be a rubic's cube. Not only will it be as random as a rubic's cube but the squares will be layed out to replicate an arrow pointing around the corner.

Heres some quick textures for the ruibic's cube, but im thinking i will now model it in Maya.

Maya: Tableau Vivant Progress 10

Right, so i have now started to lay out the UV's for my scene, its all going well so far, i have done the main walls and skirting boards. I will be finishing of the other objects tomorrow, but for now sleep time ^^)

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Angles, Angles, Angles...

I have now finished modelling my room now all except for the random object. I still have to lay out the UV's in which I'm hoping there will not be any problems, then texture and light the scene. At the minute I'm trying to work out which angle the camera should be at.

I think the lower down angles work more for the set, it brings across a sense of innocence within the camera, it's low angle could replicate the height of a child. But then I'm not sure how much of aroun the corner should be on view, i think the third, fourth and fifth angles work the best.

Maya: Tavbleau Vivant Progress 09

Thought i would share another development picture from a shot behind the scenes. So far all is going well, all i have to model now is the wall lamp holder, some detail on the chaise-lounge base and the possible object, not sure what it is yet though :s

Photoshop: Tableau Vivant Texture 04

This is the wood texture i am going to use on the dressing table and the base of the chaise-lounge. Its not my own picture, i did take the source image off the internet but edited it in various ways, healing brush, clone stamp etc...

Photoshop: Tableau Vivant Texture 03

This is the texture which will be placed down as the carpet in my hotel room, some of you may know that this is the carpet used in Stanley Kurbick's The Shining. As you can see from its repeating pattern, it took some time to create it, pretty much the whole Photoshop lesson on Friday. I cannot take all the credit for creating a tile so it repeats, so thank you Jack and Ruben :) and not forgeting Photoshop Phil.

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Maya: Tutorial - Water Droplets

Here's my out come of the water droplets tutorial, again very simple and quick to complete. I'm yet to complete the other tutorials, these are the ones i quickly done after lesson. Probably going to come in on Monday to complete the rest.

Maya: Tutorial - Book

So here's my out come of the book tutorial, relatively simple, just might be a pain to remember all of the connections.

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

For Ruben

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Photoshop: Tableau Vivant Texture 02

This is the paint work which will be textured on the main part of the walls, which is the part of the wall above the daydo. I have put a slight grain on the paint to give it a more realistic painted wall effect.

Photoshop: Tableau Vivant Texture 01

This is the first of the textures in which i will create for my tableau vivant scene. Its the wallpaper design that will be textured underneath the daydo.

Need help, Alan/Anyone

Ive gone to lay out my UV's to start texturing my project but have stumbled across a problem. I applied the UV Grid to my dressing table but it doesn't seem to show.

When i press 6 nothing happens, or when i first apply the shader the shade of grey does not change. But when i go into the attributes, it shows that the shader is on there.

Any ideas why this is happening and how to fix this?

Monday, 11 January 2010

Maya: Tableau Vivant Progress 08

I have now modelled a rough chaise-lounge. I'm not entirely sure on it, it seems like a good idea, but once i have modelled one and placed it in the set it just doesn't seem quite right. As if it is taking away from the focal point of the set.

Also, I'm still not struck on the CG looking cushion.

Once i placed a light source on top of model it instantly sets the scene.

Maya: Tableau Vivant Progress 07

Just a quick update, Ive added in the extra detail needed. I have put allot more detail in the skirting boards, the picture frame which i think needs to be more thick and i have put in the border, which will run around the room about half way up the wall, allowing more to put a two tone painted wall on the back drop.

I am still in the progress of modelling the chaise-lounge which is getting the better of me and i think the last objects i need to model would be a wall lamp above the picture frame and my random object.

Maya: Tableau Vivant Progress 06

Right so i have finally got back onto the PC and have finished modelling the dressing table for my set. I thought i had finished it earlier but Simon mentioned i should model the draws seeing as its only one render frame.

At first i modelled the draws stitched into the dressing table, but then when i comes to texturing it i didn't want to make things too difficult in laying out the UV's, so i modelled them separately, overall the model is rather simple and should be fine to lay out at texture. Its mostly square based with the occasional circle.

Phil - Todays Lecture

Sorry Phil, i will not be able to make it in today. My road is still really bad, snow and ice everywhere, as i speak somebody is trying to get there car up my hill, amusing as it is, its not when its your turn :(

The main roads are fine, it just getting on to them that's the problem. Its also does not help by the fact that I'm still quite ill. I'm pretty sure my immune system seizes to exist.

If any one could post any information on today's lecture i would be grateful, my apologies again.

Maya: Tableau Vivant Progress 05 - Alan

Alan, im attempting to model a chaise-lounge for my digital set. But im finding it really hard to model a cushion. This is what i have so far, but the cushion looks really CG and does not follow right up to the corner of the base. As you can see below.

Do you know any techniques or how to fix this problem?

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Hotel Room Furniture

I have now narrowed down the objects/furniture which will be in my room. I have decided on the main focal point of the room being the dressing table (the reflection). Other objects which will fill up the room will include; a picture mounted on the wall, a wall lamp above the picture frame, a plug socket, a chaise-lounge and skirting boards, coaving, day dado/picture rails.

As you can tell from these objects, the style/design of the room has changed. Since modelling the dressing table, which is the object i built my room around, the average clean hotel room from the 90's just does not seem to fit the bill any more. So i have decided to go for a more upper class, still basic but more posh hotel room.

By changing the style of the room this means i can have more extravagant items of furniture. I have decided to go for a chaise-lounge, which will fill the empty space on the left hand side of my set.

A while back Phil mentioned something along the lines, the wrong object in the right place can set the imagination flowing. This is exactly what i am going to do, I'm thinking i need an object on top of the chaise-lounge. So far the object which comes to mind is a silk dress or lingerie of some sort lying across the top of it. But then on the other hand i could have a completely opposite random object which has nothing to do with the room.