Friday, 16 July 2010

some further thought

After some further thought into this project i have decided to stick with my original idea to create a more environment based project, but the possibility for character design is always open. As mentioned before, the idea i have thought of from the sound given to are dark/religious and ritual based, so there for i am thinking of creating a dark monastery up in the mountains where such rituals would take place. Im still not sure up on how Sci-Fi this should be but i think an even balance between realism and fantasy would be good.

Here are some images i have found which sort of show the angle i want to take on the project.

Thursday, 15 July 2010

and so it begins...

Haven't posted in a while but let it begin. I felt as though a post was needed to kick start my project with some ideas. Ive listened to my designated sound scape (20) many times now and feel my self getting drawn towards the same ideas. I have no idea where the sound originated from, but to me it sounds like some sort of dark ritual/religious ceremony, possibly a funeral of some kind. I'm also thinking this ritual is possibly other wordily but still human like, possibly some sort of monastery high up in the mountains.

These of course are just my first impressions but i feel as though they are very strong ideas, and there is the possibility to create some nice concept art out of this. I shall post my sound later when i haves the software to do so.