Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Car Update #05

The modelling is complete! (or near enough anyway). Just need to add an emblem and witty registration plate and it shall be complete. I have now added the windows, wing mirrors, and wheels which i think really make the model complete to a satisfactory level. Now all i need to do is lay out the UV's, texture and add shaders to the car to finish it off.

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Maya: Action Pose/Weight Lift - Week 01

Here's week 01 of the action poses and the weight lift. Relativly simple tutorial which eases the idea of animating our own action poses within the narrative project.

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Car Update #04

Not much of a visual update here but quite a substantial update anyway. I have now worked out the topology problems which were along the roof and back side of the car and am now ready to start adding in all the final detailing needed. The mesh flow all seems to be in order with only some small minor tweaks needed here and there. The majority of work added or changed has been within the roof area but all over the car i have tweaked the geometry here and there to allow for a smooth finish, i have added in a plane for the grill area, and have now added the geometry needed to allow the side window to work, i.e so it doesn't collapse when in sub d and so the geometry around the window flows in a way which allows and edge loops to work. All that needs modelling now is the windows, window trim, wing mirrors, wheels, filling in the gaps underneath the car,door handle and license plate.

Either Alan or Jon, if you can see any problems within the mesh, much appreciated if you could notify me.

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Car Update #03 Wireframe's

@ Phil, Postmodernism

Phil, as you know i am writing my postmodernism essay on 'Scream', i thought about writing the essay based on the Scream trilogy but thought it would be more concise if i just write about the one film. I have been doing research and gathering key ideas to discuss in the essay but seem to have come to a halt, i think this is due to the title of my essay and how i have not really got one. The ideas i want to convey in this essay is basically how the film is postmodern due to its self awareness and knowledge of existing horror films, as well as possibly mentioning its multiple references and act of homage to other films. But am also struggling in relating the film to certain postmodern theories. The title for my essay which i have thought of so far quite literally consist of 'Why Scream is a visual example of postmodernism'.

Some key words which i think should be in essay include:

The Avant Garde



The Nostalgia Mode

Marcel Duchamp; Fountain (1917), L.H.O.O.Q (1919)

Sherrie Levine; After Walker Evans (1979), Fountain (1991)

Scream; Self awareness, film references, slasher movie formula

Scary Movie, spoof of a pastiche

Is this too much information, i was not sure where to pin point and what would be useful but at the same time irrelevant. I did want to speak to you in person as this would have been more simple to work out, but missed you earlier : )

Cheers, Rich

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Car Update #03

Quick update in the car model for the opening scene of our animation. Not many changes since the last update due to a lack of time spent on the car recently, although a lot of time has been spent on modelling the roof, and object which has proved incredibly difficult to model for such a simple shape. A piece of geometry which i think still needs changing. I have uploaded the car without the wire-frames due to not having them at this present time but they will be updated as soon as i do have them.

The updates include some general change in the geometry flow around the whole model, a new working-ish roof with rear window placement, a more refined rear end of the car, the tail lights, and a basic piece of trim for the license plate. Hopefully now the car is starting to look more cartoon like and less realistic to match the style of our animation.

I would say that i am around 70% finished with modelling this car now, a large amount of the modelling consists of finishing up the car by adding in the needed details and blocking in the chassis. I now need to add in all of the windows, the wheels, the wing mirrors, the creases and indents between body panels (mainly the boot), the car emblem and possibly exhaust pipe. As well as blocking in the underneath of the car to fill in the gaps.