Sunday, 30 January 2011

Transcription - Developed Idea's

Okay, as you can probably tell at the end of my last post I was slightly confused up on which direction I want to take this project, but one thing for sure is that I want to create an animation based on environments. I also lacked any influence from a piece of material that I could transcribe. Originally I would have liked to transcribe a passage from a piece of text, or a painting to gain a highly descriptive understanding of the environment.

Instead I have found a piece of music which answers the majority of my problems influence wise. As mentioned in the previous post, my mind is still not clear up on which environment choice I should make; should I create a pre/post war environment, or should I create a crime scene influenced scene based in an outdoor city environment. I do know that what ever environment I choose to create, the setting for such environment will be the 40's and 50's.

The song which is one of the more influential examples which I have found is 'We'll Meet Again'. A song made famous by artist Vera Lynn during World War II. As Wikipedia Says...'During the Cold War, Vera Lynn's recording was included in the package of music and programmes held in 20 underground radio stations of the BBC's Wartime Broadcasting Service, designed to provide public information and morale-boosting broadcasts for 100 days after a nuclear attack.' Maybe the perfect song to provoke such a war-torn and emotional environment.

Another version of this song that I have found is Johnny Cash's cover of 'We'll Meet Again' in 2002. Johnny Cash's version of the song seemed to some what match the 50's based city environment idea which I have had, although his deep bass voice (and the Narrative project) pushes me more to create an environment which is not just a 50's inspired city, but a 50's inspired 'retro-futuristic' (possibly Steampunk like) city.

From this song and some thought development I have came up with an idea in which involves creating an environment based project, as well as adding an animated twist to it, to allow the animation to be more interesting compared to a basic fly through camera moving through the environment. The animation would be set in the 1940's-50's and mentioned before, and it would take place in a city such as New York in America. The animation would start with the music 'We'll Meet Again' by Johnny Cash fading in, with a Camera panning backwards out of a smashed/looted TV and Radio shop. The camera would then move round the surrounding environment of the TV and Radio shop to reveal a deserted and slightly derelict town, then as the song fades out to reveal a more atmospheric sound, the camera turns around to face downtown and reveal an over whelming space ship.

This may be an idea well over done, but it is an idea which would really match the physical appearance of the song. For example Vera Lynn's version of the song is a perfect example of music to capture the emotion of World War II. Cash's deep country voice some how manages to match that of a derelict city, and the songs relation to war and nuclear paranoia some how ties together nicely to create an environment which could be retro-futuristic, not just within the appearance of the environment, but the space ship as well.

I think im starting to achieve a more solid idea for this project now, however as always any adice would be welcome.


  1. Hey Rich - just a thought - I think using the original Vera Lynn version and Blitz-style London would mean that the final reveal - that the devastation has been wrought by an alien invasion would be much more impactful; you'd be playing with your audiences nostalgia and expectations much more so, so the 'twist' would actually be - well, a twist... I think 3 minutes of environment-based cg would feel too long - even with the finale, so I'd look at working to an edit of it, and bringing it to a minute 30 max. The point about transcription is that it's meant to be about real finesse and technical sophistication, so less is more, and polish is essential. Personally, I think your premise has lots of potential to be a nicely resolved vignette. In terms of style, would be considering creating a black and white world from old photographs and news footage etc?

  2. Hey Phil, Yeah i agree with you that 3 minutes of browsing through an environment would be far too long, my intentions have always been to create a piece which would be roughly 1:30. I never thought to apply the idea of the alien ship being the cause of destruction and adding it to the Vera Lynn track, it does seem to suit the same and the twist being the twist woould work great. However, my mind is still not set on which path to follow, do i go for Vera Lynn and a 1950's war torn town, or Johnny Cash and a 1950's derelict and deserted city.

  3. Maybe not even 1950's city for the Johnny Cash version, but 1950's inspired.