Friday, 28 January 2011


The beginning of a new project. Narrative was a fun and interesting learning curve, but towards the end of the project the deadline just seemed daunting and the idea that a new project will begin after a short break seemed heavenly, not to say that Retro Fest was not fun, of course it was, Transcription will be a breathe of fresh air. My work load within the Narrative project focused more around the design ideas and the modelling of the environments, a subject which I find to be more interesting as a whole compared to other subject areas within the CG realms.

So for my Transcription project, the chances are I will be focusing on creating an environment of some kind, animated with a camera fly through depending on the situation that has been set up. Some loose idea's which I thought of at the time of briefing included; creating environment's which revolved around chaos, such as war torn town set in ww2 or a historical event which took place during ww2. Then moving on from war themed environments and focusing more onto crime scenes. I thought of creating an environment which would be set up for a police examination. I'm not sure how drastic the crime scene would be, for example how horror the environment would go, but I think some great possibilities' are there. Another small idea which is a possibility included creating an animation set up around a children's poem, nursery rhyme, or spooky/bed time story. An idea which would take a great amount of work and also an idea which I do not think I am quite suited to create yet.

Taking in mind the idea of creating an environment for a crime scene, initially the idea which struck me first was to create a camera fly through of a crime scene which has taken place possibly in a first person point of view. The camera would move about the crime scene as a conversation takes place between two inspectors, one of which is telling the story to another. Not only does this mean that I would be primarily creating the environment, but secondly it would add a certain edge over a simple camera movement through out the scene. However the only problems which stand in front of me include which style direction I should go with this project, for example a digital set for an stylized cartoon animation, or a digital set based on realism, and a piece of material which I can transcribe.

So far I feel as though my ideas could fall either into the line of stylized environments for an animation or an environment based on realism and fact, a fine line which needs to be worked out to successfully progress on this project. So far my research has fallen into the line of fact as I have been looking at the notorious east end gangsters 'The Kray Twins'. Recreating an environment which is an historical event not too long ago seems to be quite interesting. However up on further research an animation which documents the life and work of the Kray's could be even more interesting, although quite a bit of work for a 10 week project. I found some in depth information within a documentary based on the life of the Kray Twins which someone has kindly uploaded on YouTube.

As you can probably tell, at this moment in time im slightly confused up on which direction i want to take this project, but one thing's for sure, i want to create an environment which has depth and a reason. I think some more research and a choice is going to be needed soon, ill post up a definitve answer to the direction in which i want to take and some research for it soon.

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