Thursday, 17 February 2011

Alien Ship Concept #01

Here's the first piece of concept art which was developed from my silhouettes, i feel as though i lost the direction that i wanted to take this piece as the silhouette which i was working for felt more refined and sharp. Also I'm not entirely sure whether it is 'alien' enough. I think it is okay for an initial concept but some further development will be needed. Will post up some development shots soon...


  1. Hi Rich

    Nice initial concept. You may want to push the design a little further (in terms of detail). Try looking at the skin of a whale (Striping on the underside).

    Look here:

  2. Hey Alan, thanks for the link. I breifly looked over the idea of basing the shape on a whale, but saw that it has been very much over done before. Maybe i should just go for it anyway.

  3. Don't worry about it being done before. Make it your own. Blend what you've got with the whale idea (ribbing).