Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Alien Ship Silhouette's

Last night and this morning i spent my time sketching up some silhouettes and further developing them in Alchemy. The use of Alchemy has really helped as it can randomly generate shapes and add a different twist to a design you are working on, which you may not have noticed whilst sketching. These silhouettes are pretty basic but are just there to show a direction i want to take the design for the alien ship. The next stage will be to pick a ship and further develop it in Photoshop, i would now like to have a large scale 'Mother-Ship' design, as well as some smaller 'Fighter-Ships'. I'm not entirely sure which designs are the strongest in showing an alien ship, and which designs to take forward into the next stage of there design, thoughts and feedback would be appreciated. 


  1. Hey Rich :D I like the menace of the design on the 2nd sheet, row 2, middle - though I don't like the strut, because it feels like it doesn't belong to that design...

  2. Hi Phil. Hmmm yeah i see what you mean, I should have numbered them to make them easier to point out :) I liked that shape also, that and the second sheet bottom right, top left and right. I think the one you pointed out does have that sleek menacing look, where as the others seem to be quite clunky (oil rig like), perhaps sleek and menacing is the angle i should approach.

  3. i love sheet two, bottom right corner and top right corner.i can see a lot of machinery in that. a lot of chunking and clanking and dirty black smoke, it would look great with a good color palette