Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Character Bio's

In order to understand the environment which i will be creating, i should understand the characters which would have lived in the environment, which in my case will be the family who live in the house/apartment where my animation will begin. I have created a short bio for each character, as basic as it is this has been a great help in understanding how my room should look and what the overall 'tone' and 'feel' should be like.

Name: Harold Edwardson

Age:    42

Work: Newspaper Editor

  • Harold is a well respected member of society, he works as a newspaper editor for the Daily Mail. He is a work-aholic but enjoys nothing more than coming home from work to play with his two children 'Emily' and 'Joshua' and then put them to bed.

Name: Victoria Edwardson

Age:    38

Work: House-Wife

  • Victoria, wife of Harold Edwardson, is a stay at home wife. Whilst Edward works to bring money home for the family, it is up to Victoria to make sure the clothes are washed, the food is cooked, the dishes are cleaned, and she looks pretty.

Name: Joshua Edwardson

Age:    6

Work: Primary School

  •  Joshua is the first born child in the family. He goes to St Andrew's Primary School along with his younger sister Emily. Joshua will grow up to work in place with his father at the Daily Mail, but until then he wants to be a train driver.

Name: Emily Edwardson

Age:    4

Work: Primary School

  • Emily is the youngest child in the family. She goes to St Andrew's Primary school with her older brother Joshua. Emily enjoys baking with her mother on the weekends, and often plays dress up in her mother's clothes with her teddy bear Joseph. 

These simple character bio's have also given me some objects which i can place in the room to apply character, emotion and reason. For example Joshua could have a toy train, Emily will have a teddy bear, Victoria could have some sort of beauty product, and Harold could have a pipe or some other sort of gentlemen like apparatus.

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