Friday, 4 February 2011

Crysis 2 Trailer - Emotion Conveyed Through Environment

The Crysis 2 reveal trailer is a great example of the overall tone, feel, and imagery which i will be attempting to create. The trailer may be set in a more modern/futuristic city, but the trailers heart felt tone and emotion is exactly what i am looking for. As you can the see the trailer begins by introducing what appears to be a missing persons board in a destroyed war torn city, a camera then pans away from the board to reveal the city and its decay, whilst an emotional track plays in the back ground. It is this sense of emotion and depth which i will be attempting to create within the opening scene (and through out the animation), but in my case for a families home which would have been destroyed during the Blitz.  Where this trailer only focuses on the missing people for 16 seconds, not enough story and emotion can be found within them, a point which i do not want to make. For the opening scene/interior shot of my animation i want to derive a narrative from the object's within the scene, manipulating a sense of nostalgia to portray a certain sense of time and space, for example a 1940's family home.

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