Thursday, 3 February 2011

Finalised Idea

The idea which i am taking forward as my transciption project is finalised, for now anyway, as im sure there will be many changes here and there along the way. I will be creating an environment based project which will be portrayed as an animated short. The animation will take place in 1940 post Blitz London. The animation will start with a camera panning along a mantel piece in an authentic 1940's living room, the camera will then slowly pan backwards to reveal a more and more destroyed living room, which will then eventualy pan out beyond a window/huge hole in the wall (or wall missing) to then reveal an even more destroyed exterior environment. A camera will then move through the environment to eventually turn around and reveal the cause of the destruction, ending up with the finale of the animation and the big twist...aliens.

The animation will be environment based, which means alot of historic attention to detail will be needed. I have been working on roughing out an animatic which will aid in the understanding and tone of my animation which will be produced. Below are some work in progress shots, a few research images which help better define the environment i will be creating, and the piece of music which i will be transcribing.


I will be creating the initlial draft of my animatic using the combination of photographs to create a more visually correct environment, which i think adds a nice authentic sense of style to an otherwise rushed animatic. As you can see in the interior shot which i have created is working quite well, although i still need to add some shadows and lighting to the furniture which will allow allow the images to look more set in the scene. I'll post a more detailed viewing of the creation of the animatic, and a post on the outcome of week 01's tutorial with Alan soon.


  1. Hey Rich this is looking great, with the music and what you discribed this will look great for a tease of a game. it reminds me alot of resistance, the old blitz time with aliens. good stuff i look forward to it. :D

  2. Yeah I agree with Godwin. I'd be surprised if you haven't used this as reference because of how similar it is in terms of concept and animation, but you didn't mention it so check out the Fallout 3 trailer:

    There's definitely something there for you.

  3. Thanks for the reference guys, @ Godwin I completely forgot about Resistance, I shall check it out soon, and @ Simon I have checked it out, I think it was subliminally there when creating the idea, there's also the Crysis 2 trailing which is a more modern version but has the same emotional impact.

  4. it was so lovely to read through your post listening to this music :] ANd the stye somehow suits you ( thts a compliment )

  5. Very nice indeed Rich. When I saw the full room shot you created I realised I knew the wallpaper from somewhere. I had used it before in a web-design I made a few months ago ;)