Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Living Room Animatic/Concept Update

Here is the living room concept piece i have been working on, the use of photographs in a way has been time consuming, however a noticeably faster process compared to painting the scene from scratch. I have started to fill the scene more with furniture, but the room seems to feel empty character wise, i need to add in some personal objects which would mean something to a family living there to make the scene feel more 'homely'. The use of shadows within the piece allows the furniture to look more set in the scene rather than an obvious photograph cut out and placed on top. To finish off the concept i need to apply a light source and further shading to objects and then add a layer of dirt and destruction.


  1. That is really awesome Richard. What is that thing in the middle of the room, is that a table?

  2. This has a real 'hyperreal' quality, Richard - so you created it from photographs? Why didn't you 'unpack' your methodology? I would loved to have seen its progress...