Friday, 4 February 2011

Transcription Project Pipeline: Digital Sets for Film

To better understand exactly what i will have to produce over the next 10 weeks, here is the project pipeline in which i will follow. As i am creating an alternate post Blitz experience, i will need to produce a large scale exterior environment which will be a combination of destroyed building, rubble, etc. As well as creating an interior environment which will open the animation, and consist of destroyed furniture, rubble, personal family items, etc. The largest stage in this project will most certainly be production, so with the guide of this pipeline it will allow me to stay focused, and on track to have a more comfortable production.

Pre-Production: Visualising a World 

  • Project Start: Vera Lynn - We'll Meet Again
  • Analysis: Establishing the scenes from the source material.
  • Visual Research: Period imagery, architectural details, & nature.
  • Art Direction: Scene/Alien ship design, colour palettes, shapes, & atmosphere.
  • Concept Art: Thumbnail drawings & digital paintings for both Environment and Alien ship.
  • Finalised Paintings: Refined concept art.
  • Pre-Viz: Basic model, shot framing, & camera animation.
Production: Building a Virtual World

  • Modelling of Elements: Objects & Architecture. 
  • UV Layout & Texturing: Layout maps and texture maps.
  • Lighting: Main scene lighting & detail lighting - such as glow elements.
  • Object Animation: Animation of scene details / objects.
  • Effects Simulation: Effects based elements such as water, smoke, or dust.
  •  Rendering: Creating Render Passes - Beauty, Occlusion, Glow, Z Depth & FX.

Post-Production: Combining the World

  • Compositing: Combining render passes & refining the shots.
  • Final Shot: Editing and exporting.
  • Supporting Material: Creating a ‘Making of…’ document, a technical paper, a demo reel shot, & archived .PDF version Blog.
  • Client Delivery: The delivery of the final shots and supporting material.

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