Thursday, 3 February 2011

Tutorial: Week 01

On Tuesday each of us had our individual tutorials with Alan. In a way it was similar to us pitching our ideas to Alan, and then developing on them for the better. The out come of Tuesday's tutorial was very useful to me for a few reasons. I pitched the idea which I have now finalised in my previous post, and the ideas and help from Alan developed upwards and onwards.

Alan suggested that I spend more time developing and creating the alien ship compared to the environment, as the ship is the pivotal moment in the animation, which in a way is my 'money shot'. From the tutorial what became clear was the fact that I need to development the style and world in which my animation will take place. I will be aiming to model a realistic environment, true to how it would have been in 1940 London. As well as develop an alien ship which will be retro-futuristic to the 1940's but steer clear of the obvious 1950's B-Movie influenced ideas. The alien ship should represent the technology available to the public in the 1940's.

A great example of this is 'The Fugitive Futurist' a silent movie created in 1924. It features an inventor who claims to have a machine which can see into the future. One shot in particular is useful to me as it shows an insight into how people of the 1920's thought alien ship's might look like. The shot displays an air craft similar to that of a Zeppelin fly above the Houses of Parliament. As you can see the air craft shows similarities to that of the LZ 127 Graf Zeppelin, an aircraft used in the 1930's for commercial transatlantic flights.

Alan also referred me to look at H.G. Wells; Things to Come (1936), and War of the Worlds (1938), two subjects which I shall post soon. Overall the tutorial was insightful and useful in pushing me in the right direction for this project.

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