Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Tutorial: Week 02

Although i didn't have much creative work to show for this weeks tutorial with Alan, some great idea development was put forward. Some speeding up work wise will be needed so i think a decent project timetable will be drawn up in the near future. I have a rough idea of what a living room set during the 1940's looks like, so now i need to add a sense of home and reason to the room. As suggested by Alan, i should create a short but in depth back story for the family which live in the house, which will further develop my understanding of the environment as well as apply meaning. To populate and apply texture to the scene i should introduce a new object for every section that the camera pans backwards, not in an incredibly obvious way, but instead subtle objects which add character to the room. As well as this some good techniques on editing and camera movements were discussed. After some project management/branding work, hopefully i will move onto so more concept work soon.

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