Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Tutorial: Week 03

So its week three now, which in many ways described in the tutorial as the make or break week. As i still didn't have any creative work to show to Alan (which is now in process), the tutorial was more of a general conversation on how the project should run, and what i should be thinking about in order to create a successful animation. What is now clear to me is the fact that i need to have some sort of secondary animation within the background parts of the environment, for example dust and smoke effects which would be left behind within the rubble and debris. As well as this i would like to now have a fleet of alien ships rather than just the one, this will create a higher sense of power and a larger scale air attack (such as the blitz). Which means that i now have a nice opportunity to animate some of these ships attacking the environment and create some explosion of rocks and dust. This week is going to be incredibly busy, as i would like to have finished all pre-production work by next Tuesday and begin production within week 04.

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