Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Tutorial: Week 04

This weeks tutorial has been helpful in understanding exactly what i can get away with and what i must produce to create a successful environment. A great load has been lifted off my mind as Alan explained to me a nice technique to create rubble, which i will need a lot of. The process is more straight forward compared to what i thought it would be, essentially i will need to create a plane  which will represent the overall shape and volume of the pile, and apply a black Lambert to make sure know light will get through. Then its simply the process of creating a 'tool kit' of objects which i will then snap to the plane. So in fact i will only need to create a base set of objects which i can re texture and use multiple times, and only work to one layer of rubble. In terms of the alien ship, some further development will be needed but i would say that i am about 60% there with the design, its just a case of finalising the bottom part/detailing of the ship. From my initial concept it was clear that the top part and bottom part of the ship felt quite disconnected to some sort of support will be needed to look as though the two parts are attached. Alan directed me to look at Giger briefly (a road in which i tried to avoid, as we all know once you go Giger you cant go back), but perhaps it will be needed in this case as some sort of spinal/rib cage bone structure might be of use. As well as this it was made clear that i should work to follow the texture/shape of the whale (which has been done many times before), but instead make it my own. I did intend to have the concept stage finished by this tutorial, which did not happen so now its a case of speeding up with the designs and moving onto pre-vis/production, but overall a very helpful tutorial.

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