Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Camera Movement PreVis

I have now hopefully finished the PreVis stage of this project, a stage which is fundamental to this project as i am laying down the foundation in which i shall work up from. It also allows me to fully realise the camera movement which aided by the soundtrack allows me to gather a sense of pace and timing. The camera movement has taken longer than predicted, but i felt it was necessary as the timing is key to creating the animation which i have set out to complete. The movement of the camera needs to match the timing of the soundtrack to create the correct sense of nostalgia and emotion. Creating this piece of camera movement has been a trial and error experience, but i am happy with the end result. I started of by creating a motion path in which i attached the camera to, but i found this process to be more hassle than it was worth, so i ended up by animating the camera by key framing the translate and rotate channels, which i then fine tuned with the use of the graph editor.

The animation will begin by fading in from black as the intro section of the music begins and the camera starts to move, there for the camera will never be static and will always have some sort of movement. The animation will end by the camera panning up to reveal the alien ships in the sky. As the camera pans up to reveal the ship, the shot will carry on panning up which will then reveal an alien ship dierctly above and behind the camera, so as the ship moves away the camera will follow it and  fade to black. The sound track still needs a serious amount of work, the sound track will need to sound as if it is being played from the 1940's radio, it will need to be cut and looped to match the camera movement, and there will be some static noise added to the song. Aswell as this i will need to slowly lower the volume of the radio to match the distance of the camera and will also need to add in some atmospheric ambient noise, and a sound for the alien ship.

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