Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Exterior Enviornment Matte Painting

I haven't been posting much work on the blog recently, but that does not mean i have not been doing it. After a rather long process i am pleased to say that i have finally finished my exterior concept piece. I'm not entirely happy with the piece but it is finished to a decent standard which now allows me to move on in this project. I decided to create a matte painting rather than a digital painting from scratch for many reasons, the two most important being; i have always wanted to create a successful matte painting, and i am aiming to create a realistic environment, so why not take realism and edit it in a way to suit me. Other reasons include, the addition of extra detailing, the ability to destroy a building, and a pre-set composition through the use of existing perspective lines within the photographs and Photoshops 'Free Transform' and edit 'Perspective' tool. Creating this piece has been a great learning curve and quite enjoyable to do.

Below is an influence map of images which i have used as reference and for a sense of direction, as well as a page of images which i have used to create the matte painting, some of which i photographed myself in London, and others which i have taken from the Internet. As well as this there is a development image which shows the work in progress of the painting and the process which i followed to produce the piece. I started by gathering a composition and perspective using various different buildings, i then painted over the buildings to make them look destroyed, and then added in extra detailing such as rubble and the electricity poles. Once i had created a working composition which was then edited to look destroyed i then repeated the process of painting in the dirt and destruction multiple times gather the extra detail. I then applied a sky and light source, multiple layers of highlights and shadows, and then finished off the painting with a final adjustment to the Hues/Saturation to apply a more cold feeling to the image.

Upon completion of the painting i then adjusted the painting colour scheme a few more times to create different looking images which show a slightly different mood in each of them, I'm not entirely sure which one works the best, but i think they all have there merits. I started off this piece with the intentions of creating a matte painting which would have a very loose painted layer which would add to the effect of the destruction, which i think i have achieved within this painting.


  1. Hey Rich, I really like this - love the panoramic composition and the iconic dead bus - the only thing is are those telegraph poles accurate? They maybe - and you should know having done the research into the era - it's just they don't strike me as being 'London' - but this could be my ignorance talking.

  2. Hey Phil, thanks for the comment, i think the panoramic comp realy serves well for the image, in terms of the telegraph poles i believe this may be the case of artistic license :), your right that they are not entirely 'London', whilst creating the more british ones they just didnt seem to look right to me, when it comes to producing them in 3D i think ill spend more time on making them look more 'London'.