Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Transcription Work Update

Its been a while since i have posted any progress updates within production so i felt it was necessary to do a post and get my work up. I am now out of the PreVis stage of production and am slowly modelling the buildings which will be within my environment. So far i have modelled a low poly building, which in fact has taken some time as this building will be re-used through out the environment. The model is 95% ready to be textured, and is successfully destroyed. The technique which i have used is to take minor chunks of brick and concrete out of the window ledges and put minor props such as the window railings and frames off kilter to create the illusion that the overall building has been destroyed, and the rest of the work will be done within the texture work.

To destroy the window ledges and take chunks of brick out of the the geometry i have put two edge loops running down the brick where i want the chunk to begin and end, i then used the split poly tool to sketch in the chunk and repeated it equally on the other side. I then deleted the face which will be the chunk missing, filled the hole and then used the split poly tool again the stitch the missing chunk together, and finished off by softening the edges and bevelling the edge of the chunk.

I have also modelled some basic rubble props which i will scatter around the scene and make piles of rubble out of, and have now moved on to model some more buildings which will fill the scene which is based on my concept art in the previous post. The buildings within my scenes will never be modelled any further than the front few faces, and will range in terms of detail depending on how close they will to the camera, for example the very first row of houses will be high res as they will be the closest to the camera, the middle set of buildings which will run down both sides of the road will be low res, and the final left side buildings will be high res as this is where the camera finishes it movement.

Whilst modelling the set for my environment i have also been thinking about the alien ship which will be in my scene, and the living room interior as this is where i plan to capture the attention of peoples emotion. So, rather than 'Google-ing' some random photographs of families during the war(which chances are wont match up), i have instead asked my Nan for some family photos of her and her parents (my great grandparents) during the war. This not only eliminates the task of having to look for photos, but also adds a more personal touch of nostalgia to the piece.

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