Sunday, 6 March 2011

Tutorial: Week 05

For this weeks tutorial i presented Alan the almost complete piece of exterior concept art which i had been working on, which you can see is now in its complete form below. I'm glad to say that the piece went down well with Alan, and it will work well as a basis in which i should base my production on. I will however have to add in some extra buildings which are not seen within the concept, these buildings will serve as a starting point for my animation and a means of closing off the 3D world and stitching the combination of a 2D matte painting of the cities background and 3D together. Since the tutorial i have started working on the previs for my animation as well as still thinking about the interior and alien ship concept art. A process which Alan suggests i finish whilst starting production, and i should then end up with 3 finished pieces of concept art; the alien ship, the interior environment, and the exterior environment. Now its time to move on into the realms of maya and produce my animation...

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